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Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

Chair of Economics I esp. International Economics and Finance – Prof. Dr. Bernhard Herz

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Organizational aspects: application, admission requirements

Prerequisite for writing a thesis at the Chair of Economics I is that you have successfully passed the basic course "Makroökonomie II" and at least one of our special courses (”Geld und Kredit I“,“International Finance”) or a seminar at our chair. Master candidates are expected to participate in the course "Advanced Macroeconomics II (DSGE)" and/or seminar at our chair.

When working on your thesis, it is expected to deal with theoretical frameworks as well as the application of empirical methods. Therefore, we encourage you to take courses in the field of "Quantitative Methods/Econometrics".

You present and discuss your work in the "Seminar für Bachelor- und Masterstudierende”.

Registration of final papers

The topic assignment and registration of the thesis is to be done in that semester in which the thesis is written. Candidates who are interested and eligible may please contact one of the researchers (see list below).

With regard to the formal processing of the application and admission to the thesis, reference is made to the Examination and Study Regulations.

Requirements in terms of content

Own topic proposals are appreciated, however should relate to the research focus of the head of research or an assistant.

Research areas

  • Choice of exchange rate regime, target system, financial crisis, financial market integration in Africa (Prof. Dr. Bernhard Herz)
  • Fiscal and monetary policy rules, dynamic macroeconomics (Lena Kraus)
  • Financial market regulation and financial stability (Jochen Keller)
  • Empirical analysis of monetary policy (Jörn-Henrik Müller, Jonathan Schiller and Jonas Groß)
  • Crypto Currencies and Blockchain technology (Jonas Groß)

Selected theses written at the Chair of Economics I

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