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Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

Chair of Economics I esp. International Economics and Finance – Prof. Dr. Bernhard Herz

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Letter of Recommendation

The Chair of Economics I provides Letters of Recommendation for academic purposes (applications for studies abroad, scholarships, master’s programs and PhD positions). Students are kindly requested to note the following:

1. The preparation of a high-quality Letter of Recommendation  needs at least four weeks. Make sure that you put your request per Mail at least four weeks before the deadline for submitting. Other request cannot be considered.

2. To obtain a sound opinion, contact lecturers who you know well - for example, by courses, exams, assistance work, presentations. A meaningful Letter of Recommendation is based on the fact that you have passed successfully at least one seminar and/or your bachelor thesis at the chair.

3. The following documents shall be annexed to your request in written form:

  • Letter of Recommendation documents:

- Purpose of the Letter of Recommendation
- Template or guideline for the Letter of Recommendation (if available)
- Deadline for submitting
- Language
- Number of copies

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Latest transcript of record plus the rank in the overall grading distribution of your study program (available at the examination office).
  • Copies of your application documents (e.g. letter of motivation, completed forms, etc.)

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