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Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

Chair of Economics I esp. International Economics and Finance – Prof. Dr. Bernhard Herz

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This chair offers courses in economics degree programs (Economics, Business Administration, Health Economics, International Economics & Development, Philosophy & Economics). These courses are also intended for students with economics as minor field of study and students of teacher training courses.

Please take into account the information on CAMPUSonline and on the elearning-Server.

Courses & seminarsSoSe 21WS 21/22SoSe 22
Volkswirtschaftliches Planspiel MACRO          x      
Makroökonomie II          x      
Geld und Kredit I          x      
Economic History of France in Globalization     x      
Finance and Philosophy     x     x     x
Internationale Finanzströme (International Finance)      x     x
Makroökonomik für Fortgeschrittene II (DSGE) (Advanced Macroeconomics II DSGE)     x          x
Dialogseminar     x          x

Before the exam


There is no claim for faster correction of exams. However, in well-founded cases, we try to communicate whether the exam is passed or not-passed earlier than usual. The final grade can, in all cases, only be seen  on CAMPUSonline after the complete grading of all exams. 

Please fill out the formular for pre-correction, give a reason why you need the correction done in advance and if possible attach some proof of why the normal grading time is not fast enough. This formular has to be sent to the chair at least two weeks before the exam (in person, via mail or e-mail).

Please write, on the day of the exam, on the first page of your exam "pre-correction". We will be in contact with you as soon as possible after the exam.

After the exam

Examination of graded exam

The date of the examination is determined and communicated by the Prüfungsamt.


The formular for post-correction can be obtained from the Prüfungsamt. Please fill out the formular and give a detailed reason for why you think a second correction is needed. This formular has to be given to the Prüfungsamt. 

Keep in mind: The post-correction can also lead to a subtraction of points and therefore to disadvantage for the student.

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