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Faculty of Law, Business & Economics

Chair of Economics I esp. International Economics and Finance – Prof. Dr. Bernhard Herz

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This chair offers courses in economics degree programs (Economics, Business Administration, Health Economics, International Economics & Development, Philosophy & Economics). These courses are also intended for students with economics as minor field of study and students of teacher training courses.

Please take into account the information on CAMPUSonline and on the elearning-Server.

Lehrveranstaltungen & SeminareWS 18/19SoSe 19WS 19/20
Volkswirtschaftliches Planspiel MACRO    x             x
Makroökonomie II    x        x
Geld und Kredit I    x        x
Internationale Finanzströme (International Finance)     x
Makroökonomik für Fortgeschrittene II       x
Seminar "History of Financial Crises"    x
Seminar mit Praxispartner PwC "Bankenregulierung"       
V-Seminar "Finance and Philosophy"    x   x    x

Ringvorlesung Plurale Ökonomik “Current challenges in Europe - A multiperspective approach”


​Information about examsHide

Before the exam

Preliminary correction

In generall there is no right of a preliminary correction. In justified cases we are willing to inform you about your result earlier (whether you passed the exam or not).

The application for preliminary correction has to be handed in as a written form at our chair (in personal, by mail or by e-mail) at least two weeks before the exam takes plase. Please enclose the reason and if possible receipts, that reveal why you can't wait the normal period of correction. You can download the application here:
Application for preliminary correction (german)

Please also write on the first page of your exam "preliminary correction". You'll get informed about the result as soon as the exam is corrected.

Writing time extension 
Please hand in an apllication for writing time extension including a spezialist medical report at our chair. The application will be given to the examination board for approval.

After the exam

Publishing of exam result

The publishing of exam results will be only done by examination office. Please do not contact our chair.


For an postcorrection you need an application in writen form including a detailed explanation. It must be handed in at the examination office within one week after the official review.

Note: Due to a postcorrection it's possible, that former reached result can be corrected to the detriment of the participant. 

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