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Seminar Announcement "History of Financial Crisis"


Financial crisis in historical perspective 

This program is specifically designed to provide students with a large understanding of the financial crisis mechanism by using historical experiences.

We refer to Kindleberger’s History of financial crisis and the Minsky model to focus on panics, manias and crashes origins and consequences.


  • Bertrand Blancheton
    Professor of economics and Dean of economic & business faculty, University of Bordeaux (France)


  • Introduction
  • Section 1. Global capital Market in Historical perspective
  • Section 2. Business & Financial Crisis : A long run perspective
  • Section 3. Minsky model analysis
  • Section 4. How to prevent financial crisis?


  • 23rd October, 2017 to 27th October, 2017 (respectively 8:00am – 6pm)

Please note: The language of the seminar is English.

Additional information can be found on e-Learning!

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